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Base Camp opportunity San Luis - Taylor Ranch
Help shut down the largest private timber sale in the nation and save the Chicano culture and their mountains. Extremely welcoming to new people and energy.
Ancient Forest Rescue
PO Box 762, San Luis, Colorado 81152
(719) 672-3012
Base Camp possibility Allegheny Defense Project
PO Box 245, Clarion PA 16214
(814) 226-4918 , e-mail:
Base Camp opportunity Cascadia Forest Defenders
PO Box 11122, Eugene, Oregon 97440
(541) 343-7305
Base Camp opportunity Redwood Forest
Headwaters Forest Defenders
PO Box 28, Arcata, California 95518
(707) 825-8911
Base Camp possibility Heartwood Midwest National Forests
PO Box 1424, Bloomington, Indiana 47402
(821) 337-8898
Save the WolfRiver and the Chippewa community.
Stop the Exxon Mine.
Midwest Headwaters EF!
731 State St., Madison, Wisconsin 53711
(608) 255-8765 or (608) 250-8378
Base Camp possibility Big Mountain
Help prevent the federal government and Peabody Coal from relocating one of the last indigenous peoples, the Dineh, onto land contaminated with uranium. Emotionally intense and culturally sensitive. No substances, just respect.
Sovereign Dineh Nation - Dineh Alliance
Louise Benally, President
PO Box 1042, Hot et villa, Arizona 86030
(520) 607-1449 or (505) 371-5551
Base Camp opportunity Nevada Test Site - Western Shoshone Land
Stop nuclear/weapons testing and help bring the Western Shoshone people to justice.
5007 Elmhurst Lane
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
(702) 647-3095 , e-mail:
Base Camp possibility Action at sea! to protect our marine wildlife.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
PO Box 628, Venice, California 90294
(310) 301-7325 (fax)(310) 574-3161
Base Camp opportunity Denotes Base Camp opportunity
Base Camp possibility Denotes possible Base Camp - please call

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Peace in the Forest is a Direct Action Environmental Directory for people who are interested in saving our wildlife and natural resources. Opportunities are described where YOU can make a difference. Help save our environment - a forest, a river, a community - our Earth. Base camps are located in the United States of America.