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Save Cove/Mallard !
The largest, road less, wild land left in the lower 48 is being clear-cut. Old growth forests
+ endangered species + pristine watersheds + essential biological corridor + campfires + sunsets and stars + vegan food + low impact living + minimum funds + minimum experience needed + base camp + tremendous activist support community + and action!

Cove Mallard | Big Wild Road ShowWild Rockies Week - August

Actions will occur spontaneously and perpetually until the logging ends. Extensive non-violence preps + backwoods workshops + natural history lessons + campaign history + legal briefings + ecological and video monitoring + wide spectrum of activist skills learned

Directions to the Cove/Mallard base camp in Idaho

Base Camp opportunity Cove/Mallard Coalition
PO Box 8968
Moscow, Idaho 83843
tel: (208) 882-9755
fax: (208) 883-0727
e-mail: cove@moscow.com

NRPP (Northern Rockies Preservation Project)
PO Box 625, Boise, Idaho 83701
(208) 345-8077
e-mail: nrpp@lesbois.com

Alliance for the Wild Rockies
PO Box 8731, Missoula, Montana 59807
(406) 721-5420
Base Camp opportunity Denotes Base Camp opportunity

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Cove/Mallard Déja Vu

Cove and Mallard are the names of two adjacent inventoried roadless areas in central Idaho. Central Idaho is largest contiguous forested area in the lower 48 states - the last vestige of truly wild lands with the greatest diversity of species in the the northern Rocky Mountains. The region is home to the endangered grey wolf, black bear, lynx, wolverine, bald eagles, and chinook salmon and bull trout, recently placed on the Endangered Species List.
Peace in the Forest is a Direct Action Environmental Directory for people who are interested in saving our wildlife and natural resources. Opportunities are described where YOU can make a difference. Help save our environment - a forest, a river, a community - our Earth. Base camps are located in the United States of America.

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