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This directory includes only a few of the worthwhile campaigns to preserve ecological and cultural diversity. The purpose of this directory is to give you the contacts you need to find beautiful people, in beautiful places, moving in beautiful ways, so that you too can contribute to positive change.

The Earth and all of her life beings need you NOW!
Take a step towards discovering the amazing support network and community of activists by spending your summer at a direct action Base Camp.

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National Calendar-Specific Dates to Come
Zero-cut meeting in Eugene
March call (541) 343-7305

Nevada Test Site - Healing Global Wounds
May call (702) 647-3095

End Corporate Dominance - National Day of Action
May Day call (512) 478-7666

Spring Training Camp Cove-Mallard Idaho
May (208) 882-9755, email

Northwest Regional Rendezvous
Memorial Day Weekend May call (541) 343-7305

10th Annual Heartwood forest gathering, Traverse City, MI
May call (608) 255-8187

Wild Rockies Week @Cove-Mallard Idaho
August call (208) 882-9755

Headwaters rally to save the Redwoods
Mid-September call (707) 825-8911

Allegheny forest defense gathering
September call (814) 226-4918

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Peace in the Forest is a Direct Action Environmental Directory for people who are interested in saving our wildlife and natural resources. Opportunities are described where YOU can make a difference. Help save our environment - a forest, a river, a community - our Earth. Base camps are located in the United States of America.

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