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It is us, the younger generations, that hold the vision and have the energy to make a difference. This is the time in your life to explore your world as well as your freedom and independence. Your participation in direct action is essential to your life experience and to the future of the earth. We can save a forest. We can save a river. We can save a community.
To prepare for your journey into the world of activism, you need to open your mind and your soul. All of these campaigns are at times emotionally, physically and intellectually intense and challenging. You will learn along the way, but it is to everyone's advantage if you personally learn as much as you can about a campaign before you come. Your journey will inevitably be a very unique and empowering experience. Please have respect for cultural values and a diversity of perspectives. To ensure democracy, most of the campaigns 'advertised' in this directory work by the consensus process. Your voice will always be heard and your personal freedom and independence respected.Environmental Action directory
Join hands with fellow passionate people and break the chains that prevent justice, freedom and equality. To fully respect all life is to deliberately act in defense of ecological and cultural diversity and integrity.

Your journey begins now.

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save Cove/Mallard environmentCove/Mallard Déja Vu: The Otter-Wing and Mackay Day Timber Sales Smash Into the Greater Salmon-Selway Ecosystem. "Not one more new road" in roadless National Forests! That is supposedly the temporary policy of the US Forest Service. However, the loopholes in this policy are so big, logging trucks can drive through them. Thus the Forest Service still plans to road and log critical wildlife habitat in the largest roadless area in the lower 48 states - central Idaho.


Peace in the Forest is a Direct Action Environmental Directory for people who are interested in saving our wildlife and natural resources. Opportunities are described where YOU can make a difference. Help save our environment - a forest, a river, a community - our Earth. Base camps are located in the United States of America.

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