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Cove/Mallard Coalition
PO Box 8968, Moscow, Idaho 83843
tel: (208) 882-9755 fax: (208) 883-0727

How to get to the Cove/Mallard Base Camp in Idaho
When traveling from the NORTH, WEST or SOUTH, you will eventually end up on US 95 and arrive in Grangeville, Idaho. Turn off of US 95, follow the signs that say to Elk City which lead through the center of Grangeville, and head north through town. About 300 yards past the Maverick Gas Station (on your right), at the north end of town, turn right on State Highway 13. (NOTE: Grangeville is the last place you can get gas, as Elk City doesn't serve environmentalists) Just before you turn off on this road, you can see the Nez Perce National Forest Supervisor's office just ahead on your left. Continue on the main road one mile. Follow the main road around a 90-degree bend (to the left) at the abandoned drive-in theater. Don't continue straight or you will end up at a ski resort. Follow this road (about eight miles) until it merges with Idaho State Highway 14, where you will turn/merge east. From here the directions are the same regardless of where you are coming from.
When traveling from the EAST, travel west on US highway 12 until Kooskia. Turn south on Idaho State Highway 14.
From here go about 40 miles (about 60 miles, if going from Kooskia), until you reach the giant timber mill (Shearer Lumber, the corporation cutting the heart out of Cove/Mallard). Here the road forks. Take the right fork (Forest Service road 222) toward Red River (don't continue on Highway 14 to Elk City). Continue on this road for about 15 miles, till you reach the Red River Ranger Station. Just before the station, the road forks. Take the right fork (don't continue on the road toward Red River Hot Springs), which is still Forest Service road 222, and go past the Ranger Station(Last chance pay phone!). Continue up this road for about 17 miles to Dixie Summit where it turns to gravel. At this junction turn right and travel to the town of Dixie. The town of Dixie is rather long (about one and one half miles), pass through the center of town and continue past the cemetery. At a place called the Govens turn left (road 222D) and continue up the road for about 4 miles. This is a rough road, do not take any forks even if those forks look like better roads. They lead to private land. You will pass two signs pointing out trails, spaced at about mile intervals. After the last sign (pointing to a turnoff to the right leading to the comstock mines) continue about 1/4 mile. You will see a steep rough road going off to the left with a sign notifying you to continue to the other entrance. Continue past the signs and follow the directional signs that lead to the basecamp parking lot.

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