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PO Box 8968 Moscow, ID 83843
Phone: (208) 882-9755
Email: cove@moscow.com

Get Involved Now!! Come to the Cove/Mallard base camp

Please come to Cove/Mallard!!! The campaign will be ongoing through the summer, and if needed, throughout the fall and the winter. Learn about the ecology, background and politics of Cove/Mallard, explore the wonders of one of the few truly wild areas we have left, and become part of the struggle to save the Last Big Wild! There are many roles to be filled, from gathering campfire wood and carrying water, to conducting wildlife and stream surveys, to physically placing your body in the way of the destruction in the American tradition of Thoreau, Anthony, and King. All skills are needed; all skills can be taught. Come for a weekend or come for the year, but come to Cove/Mallard, find out what it's all about, and take a stand for something that's truly worth defending. Directions.to Cove/Mallard


No big speech. No big pleas for money. If you've looked at our whole web site, we think you'll agree that what we do is worthwhile and deserving of your support.
    If you choose to donate money, please make your check out to: The Cove/Mallard Coalition. If you wish to claim a tax deduction, make your check out to: Friends of the Clearwater and earmark it for us.
    Of course, we need lots more than money. Donations of gear, food, and warm clothing can be mailed to our Moscow office at the address given above. Please see our wish list, and feel free to contact us to make arrangements for large or special donations.

This fairly extensive wish list ranges from the vital to the frivolous. Some of it may be lying around your house, gathering dust, while some may take some doing to get your hands on. But it'll all come in handy.

1999 Cove/Mallard and Friends of the Clearwater
Fund Raising Letter

Dear friends, April 15, 1999

Happy Spring! It's a slow starter, but it's here, and with it comes the busy season for forest activism. Greetings from the offices of Friends of the Clearwater and the Cove/Mallard Coalition.

The recent roadless moratorium was a victory for Cove/Mallard, but it doesn't cover it all. There's much more to protect, for example Cove/Mallard's neighbor, Otter-Wing, where the chain saws will be roaring come June 15th. Last we left this steep, diverse area, a great many activists were doing an admirable job, under extremely tense, and at times life threatening moments. These citizens kept logging at bay with monitoring and civil disobediences, as we reported in the Salmon-Selway Defender. But winter, as ever, was the temporary victor, so stay tuned!

Don't get us wrong, things are active in the winter as well. Just recently Friends of the Clearwater and concerned citizens won a significant victory on a proposed incinerator for Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. FOC and some individuals filed an appeal with Washington State's Pollution Hearing Control Board. This brought WSU to the table and the project has been changed so that it is essentially a crematorium for animals that die at WSU's veterinary hospital. Dioxin producing materials (plastics and metals) will be autoclaved or removed and not incinerated.

Friends of the Clearwater (FOC) is a plaintiff on a lawsuit to protect Otter-wing on the Nez Perce National Forest and a lawsuit to protect the adjacent Clearwater National Forest. In addition, FOC has been busy working on grizzly recovery, protection of forest carnivores, salmon recovery, and a vision for the Clearwater Basin while following every single project on the Clearwater, Nez Perce and St. Joe National Forests. FOC has such a good reputation that other regional organizations routinely ask FOC to sign them on our comments on the above noted forests. All this has been done with volunteers, though FOC hopes to hire an ecosystem defense coordinator this summer.

Plus we keep the Salmon-Selway Defender coming out at a semi-regular quarterly basis (hey schedules are the last priority sometimes), which keeps you all, upwards of 2400 people, informed as to the activities of your local forest defenders. We have listings of other grassroots organizations (like the Cove/Mallard Coalition) fighting the good fight, pertinent and informative publications, and book reviews. We bring you information about important legislation, such as the National Forest Protection and Restoration Act ( the bill to end commercial logging on public lands), and tell you how you can help. We have reports on this issue as well as ending commercial extraction from public lands (zero extract). Our most recent issue, waiting to be sent, has many articles about corporate control, and how it is affecting the management of you forests (not in a promising way).

The Cove/Mallard Coalition has been busy planning for this coming year. The Coalition has prepared, with the support of groups like the Ecology Center and Friends of the Clearwater, a detailed report pointing out the illegalities of the Jack Creek Timber Sale, one of the unfortunate casualties in the Forest Service's war against Cove/Mallard. It has also been trying to get justice for Otter-Wing activists whose belongings were burned and stolen by drunken gun-toting thugs.

The Coalition is sponsoring a training session on the Memorial Day Weekend up at basecamp. There is something to celebrate with the moratorium supposedly protecting for 75 months the 75% of Cove/Mallard that was not logged in the Jack, Noble, Grouse and Small Sales. However, the Nez Perce National Forest officials are trying to find a loophole in the moratorium and cut some of the area in a deceitful effort called the Dixie Fuel Break Project. There is also much action needed so that there are some trees standing when the Otter-Wing lawsuit gets to the appeals court.

All of this costs money (you knew it was coming, admit it). And we need you to help. As we write this, the latest issue of the Salmon-Selway Defender lies idly by, awaiting the funds to buy the paper we need to print it on. We had this idea that we'd like to print the newsletter about saving trees on something aside from trees (!) so we found alternatives, none of which are a bargain, but someone's got to start making a market for this stuff, so it may as well be us. The alternatives include hemp and kenaf (both tree free, kenaf is what this letter is printed on) along with 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.

Back to the money part (we stray, but not for long). So here it is, plain and simple: this is the combined Friends of the Clearwater and Cove/Mallard Coalition annual fund raising letter. The two groups, both based in Moscow, Idaho, are cooperating in this fund raising venture in order to save costs, though the organizations are separate. We need help to keep citizens defending the wild. We need help to keep our office open, where a giant mesh of information comes and goes, stopping this timber sale here, that incinerator there. We need help to keep you informed of what's going on in your forests. Please, if you have any way of helping us out, either through donation of time or money, we need it.

Thanks for your time,

Erika Cunningham - Salmon-Selway Defender Editor
Gary Macfarlane - Friends of the Clearwater
Josh Burnim - Cove/Mallard Coalition

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