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The Cove/Mallard Coalition
Backwoods Summer 2000

You Can Help Save Cove/Mallard !

The largest, road less, wild land left in the lower 48 is being clear-cut.
old growth forests
+ endangered species + pristine watersheds
essential biological corridor
+ campfires + sunsets and stars
vegan food
+ low impact living + minimum funds
minimum experience needed
+ base camp
tremendous activist support community

Cove/Mallard: America's Big Wild
Magnificent Forests, Deep River Canyons, Rocky Crags, The Howls of Wolves, Salmon Returning Home... The Big Wild of central Idaho, also known as the Greater Salmon-Selway Ecosystem (GSSE), contains the most pristine, remote wetlands in the lower 48 states, and includes the single largest roadless area in the US south of Alaska. Cove/Mallard is the link between the GSSE's Gospel Hump, Frank Church - River of No Return, and Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Areas. The US Forest Service plans to rip the heart out of this area and decimate the crucial biological corridor in the Cove/Mallard region by punching 145 miles of new roads and hauling out 16,000 truckloads of timber. The Forest Service is breaking its own environmental laws and irreparably fragmenting the GSSE. The Moscow, Idaho-based Cove/Mallard Coalition is committed to actively defending america's Big Wild, and needs your help!

About the Cove/Mallard roadless area
The region known as "The Big Wild" of Idaho encompasses the area from Lake Coeur D'Alene, ID in the north to Idaho City, ID in the south and from the Snake River in the west to the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana in the east.  This area, to which the Cove/Mallard region is central, provides critical habitiat for literally most of the species of wildlife prevalent in the US NorthWest and western Canada, many of which are endangered or threatened.  The Cove/Mallard Region consists of two roadless areas encompassing 76,000 acres of coniferous forest in the Nez Perce National Forest.  It is situated between the two largest protected wilderness areas in the contiguous Untied States, the 2.2 million acre Frank Church River-of-No-Return Wilderness and the 400,000 acre Gospel Hump Wilderness, and it provides a biological corridor vital to the area's wildlife. 

About the Coalition to preserve the Cove/Mallard roadless area
The Cove/Mallard Coalition is a loosely organized group of organizations and individuals concerned about preserving the Cove/Mallard roadless area.  Represented are members of Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Ancient Forest Bus Brigade, The Big Wild, Cold Mountain Cold Rivers, Earth First!, The Ecology Center, Environmental Action Community, Friends of the Bitterroot, Friends of the Clearwater, Greater Salmon-Selway Project, Native Forest Network, Northern Rockies Preservation Project, Seeds of Peace, and Wild Rockies Earth First!  You can contact the Cove/Mallard Coalition at our headquarters in Moscow, Idaho.

Get Involved Now!!
  Come to the Cove/Mallard base camp

Please come to Cove/Mallard!!!  The campaign will be ongoing through the summer, and if needed, throughout the fall and the winter.  Learn about the ecology, background and politics of Cove/Mallard, explore the wonders of one of the few truly wild areas we have left, and become part of the struggle to save the Last Big Wild!  There are many roles to be filled, from gathering campfire wood and carrying water, to conducting wildlife and stream surveys, to physically placing your body in the way of the destruction in the American tradition of Thoreau, Anthony, and King.  All skills are needed; all skills can be taught.  Come for a weekend or come for the year, but come to Cove/Mallard, find out what it's all about, and take a stand for something that's truly worth defending.  To find out how, contact the Cove/Mallard Coalition at our headquarters in Moscow, Idaho. Directions to Cove/Mallard

About the Cove/Mallard Coalition


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