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Direct Action Directory - You can help save our Environment
It is us, the younger generations, that hold the vision and have the energy to make a difference. This is the time in your life to explore your world as well as your freedom and independence. Your participation in direct action is essential to your life experience and to the future of the earth. We can save a forest. We can save a river. We can save a community.
To prepare for your journey into the world of activism, you need to open your mind and your soul. All of these campaigns are at times emotionally, physically and intellectually intense and challenging. You will learn along the way, but it is to everyone's advantage if you personally learn as much as you can about a campaign before you come. Your journey will inevitably be a very unique and empowering experience. Please have respect for cultural values and a diversity of perspectives. To ensure democracy, most of the campaigns 'advertised' in this directory work by the consensus process. Your voice will always be heard and your personal freedom and independence respected.
Environmental Action directory Join hands with fellow passionate people and break the chains that prevent justice, freedom and equality. To fully respect all life is to deliberately act in defense of ecological and cultural diversity and integrity.

Your journey begins now.

This directory includes only a few of the worthwhile campaigns to preserve ecological and cultural diversity. The purpose of this directory is to give you the contacts you need to find beautiful people, in beautiful places, moving in beautiful ways, so that you too can contribute to positive change.

The Earth and all of her life beings need you NOW!
Take a step towards discovering the amazing support network and community of activists by spending your summer at a direct action base camp.

Save our earth

National Calendar-Specific Dates to Come
Zero-cut meeting in Eugene
March call (541) 343-7305

Nevada Test Site - Healing Global Wounds
April call (702) 647-3095

End Corporate Dominance - National Day of Action
May Day call (512) 478-7666

Northwest Regional Rendezvous
Memorial Day Weekend, May call (541) 343-7305

Heartwood forest gathering in North Carolina
May call (812) 337-8898

Wild Rockies Week @Cove-Mallard Idaho
August call (208) 882-9755

Headwaters rally to save the Redwoods
Mid-September call (707) 825-8911

Allegheny forest defense gathering
September call (814) 226-4918

Base Camp opportunity Denotes Base Camp opportunity. Base Camp possibility Denotes possible Base Camp - please call.

Save Cove/Mallard !
The largest, roadless, wildland left in the lower 48 is being clear-cut. Old growth forests
+ endangered species + pristine watersheds + essential biological corridor + campfires + sunsets and stars + vegan food + low impact living + minimum funds + minimum experience needed + base camp + tremendous activist support community + and action!

Cove Mallard | Big Wild Road ShowWild Rockies Week - August

Actions will occur spontaneously and perpetually until the logging ends. Extensive non-violence preps + backwoods workshops + natural history lessons + campaign history + legal briefings + ecological and video monitoring + wide spectrum of activist skills learned


Base Camp opportunity Cove/Mallard Coalition
PO Box 8968
Moscow, Idaho 83843
tel: (208) 882-9755
fax: (208) 883-0727

NRPP (Northern Rockies Preservation Project)
PO Box 625, Boise, Idaho 83701
(208) 345-8077, e-mail:

Alliance for the Wild Rockies
PO Box 8731, Missoula, Montana 59807
(406) 721-5420
Base Camp opportunity San Luis - Taylor Ranch
Help shut down the largest private timber sale in the nation and save the Chicano culture and their mountains. Extremely welcoming to new people and energy.
Ancient Forest Rescue
PO Box 762, San Luis, Colorado 81152
(719) 672-3012
Base Camp possibility Allegheny Defense Project
PO Box 245, Clarion PA 16214
(814) 226-4918 , e-mail:
Base Camp opportunity Cascadia Forest Defenders
PO Box 11122, Eugene, Oregon 97440
(541) 343-7305
Base Camp opportunity Redwood Forest
Headwaters Forest Defenders
PO Box 28, Arcata, California 95518
(707) 825-8911
Base Camp possibility Heartwood Midwest National Forests
PO Box 1424, Bloomington, Indiana 47402
(821) 337-8898
Save the Wolf River and the Chippewa community.
Stop the Exxon Mine.
Midwest Headwaters EF!
731 State St., Madison, Wisconsin 53711
(608) 255-8765 or (608) 250-8378
Base Camp possibility Big Mountain
Help prevent the federal government and Peabody Coal from relocating one of the last indigenous peoples, the Dineh, onto land contaminated with uranium. Emotionally intense and culturally sensitive. No substances, just respect.
Sovereign Dineh Nation - Dineh Alliance
Louise Benally, President
PO Box 1042, Hot et villa, Arizona 86030
(520) 607-1449 or (505) 371-5551
Base Camp opportunity Nevada Test Site - Western Shoshone Land
Stop nuclear/weapons testing and help bring the Western Shoshone people to justice.
5007 Elmhurst Lane
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
(702) 647-3095 , e-mail:
Base Camp possibility Action at sea! to protect our marine wildlife.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
PO Box 628, Venice, California 90294
(310) 301-7325 (fax)(310) 574-3161

Base Camp opportunitySave the BISON of Yellowstone
Only you can prevent the senseless slaughter of the bison at Yellowstone National Park. Bison, buffaloSupport especially needed over winter/camp months.
Buffalo Nations
Rosalie Little Thunder or Michael Mease
PO Box 242, Gardiner, Montana 59030-0242
(406) 848-9867 e-mail:


Earth First! Journal
PO Box 1415, Eugene, Oregon 97440
(541) 344-8004 fax(541) 344-7688
Please contact the Journal for copies of the Direct Action Manual

International Earth First! Web Page:

Ruckus Society
Training camps for non-violent direct action
(510) 848-9565

Live Wild or Die
2425 B Channing Way, Box 204
Sather Gate Mall, Berkeley, CA 94704

The Wetlands Preserve - NYC Headquarters
161 Hudson St, NY, NY 10013
(212) 966-5244 fax (212) 925-8715
Meetings every Tuesday at 7pm
Base Camp opportunity Denotes Base Camp opportunity. Base Camp possibility Denotes possible Base Camp - please call.

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Directions To Cove/Mallard base camp in Idaho
When traveling from the NORTH, WEST or SOUTH, you will eventually end up on US 95 and arrive in Grangeville, Idaho. Turn off of US 95, follow the signs that say to Elk City which lead through the center of Grangeville, and head north through town. About 300 yards past the Maverick Gas Station (on your right), at the north end of town, turn right on State Highway 13. (NOTE: Grangeville is the last place you can get gas, as Elk City doesn't serve environmentalists) Just before you turn off on this road, you can see the Nez Perce National Forest Supervisor's office just ahead on your left. Continue on the main road one mile. Follow the main road around a 90-degree bend (to the left) at the abandoned drive-in theater. Don't continue straight or you will end up at a ski resort. Follow this road (about eight miles) until it merges with State Highway 14, where you will turn/merge east. From here the directions are the same regardless of where you are coming from. When traveling from the EAST, travel west on US Highway 12 until Kooskia. Turn south on Idaho State Highway 14.
From here go about 40 miles (about 60 miles, if going from Kooskia), until you reach the giant timber mill (Shearer Lumber, the corporation cutting the heart out of Cove/Mallard). Here the road forks. Take the right fork (Forest Service road 222) toward Red River (don't continue on Highway 14 to Elk City). Continue on this road for about 15 miles, till you reach the Red River Ranger Station. Just before the station, the road forks. Take the right fork (don't continue on the road toward Red River Hot Springs), which is still Forest Service road 222, and go past the Ranger Station (Last chance pay phone!). Continue up this road for about 17 miles to Dixie Summit where it turns to gravel. At this junction turn right and travel to the town of Dixie. The town of Dixie is rather long (about one and one half miles), pass through the center of town and continue past the cemetery. At a place called the Govens turn left (road 222D) and continue up the road for about 4 miles. This is a rough road, do not take any forks even if those forks look like better roads. They lead to private land. You will pass two signs pointing out trails, spaced at about mile intervals. After the last sign (pointing to a turnoff to the right leading to the comstock mines) continue about 1/4 miles. You will see a steep rough road going off to the left with a sign notifying you to continue to the other entrance. Continue past the signs and follow the directional signs that lead to the base camp parking lot.
Cove and Mallard are the names of two adjacent inventoried roadless areas in central Idaho. Central Idaho is largest contiguous forested area in the lower 48 states - the last vestige of truly wild lands with the greatest diversity of species in the the northern Rocky Mountains. The region is home to the endangered grey wolf, black bear, lynx,wolverine, bald eagles, and chinook salmon and bull trout, recently placed on the Endangered Species List.

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Peace in the Forest is a Direct Action Environmental Directory for people who are interested in saving our wildlife and natural resources. Opportunities are described where YOU can make a difference. Help save our environment - a forest, a river, a community - our Earth. Base camps are located in the United States of America.

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